Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great Architecture of the World: Tenerife Opera House

This is one of favorite Architectural structure done by the one and only Santiago Calatrava. If you've been to Architecture school like I have you'll know this brilliant Architect. The building is called The Tenerife Opera House in Tenerife, Spain.

Spring Fashion

The season of spring fashion is upon us. My friends, boutiques are being stocked with goodies from you favorite brands as we speak. This season is pretty much one of the same, you have you printed tees, hoodies and what not. I'm just kinda disappointed with it all though. These brands just don't seem to take it to that level of greatness. They follow each other as close as they can and no one wants to take a risk at all and if by chance one company takes a risk, the whole packs follows ship. Living here in NY fashion varies a lot but in some respects it stays the same and people dress so similar like it's a damn street uniform. It's early in the season so i'll wait and see if it i'll somehow get better. Please folks let's do better.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well the unexpected has happened folks, our NY Giants have won the Super Bowl. Who knew? Now it's time to party in the streets on Manhattan, after all we hate the folks of Boston. As my friend would puts it, "fuck those Massholes." Go Giants!!!! Parade on Tuesday.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Had to do it

Well last night was very eventful (more on that on at a later date). Since my iPod has the fritz I decided to make an impulse buy last night while walking past the fifth avenue apple store. I pucked up a new and improved ipod and now I can definitely now get back to normal. Life without my music was oh so sad and depressing.