Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New York Fucking City

New York city today is a mere shell of its former self. This city is losing its social character with this influx of well off youngsters who, because of their financial position, have caused native New Yorkers to have to change their way of living. Seems like everything is being catered to these guys. Whatever UN-New York thing they do is the cool new thing. The thing is don't come here and act like you've been here for ages and that you are the numero uno New Yorker. I see in the not so distant future all of us New Yorkers will be eventually pushed out or made to adapt to this 'New' York they are trying to make.

Allergy season again

Allergy season is underway and I literally feel like shit. My nose is running, eyes are watery, uncontrollable sneezing and I'm miserable like a mofo. To think that I was never really affected by allergies until I was in my twenties. This must be payback for some shit I did in the past. Sorry Maryellen for kicking you in the face Lol. I just hope it ends soon because I might gouge my eyes out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear my people have issues… From the way we act towards one another and other races to the way we can't seem to speak proper English or hate on other people for speaking properly. It seems that black people as a whole are lacking in key areas that we need to adjust. How did it get to be this way? Our great great grandparents always strived to be as educated as possible, to speak properly and be distinguished. Today, unfortunately, that has gone out the window! What makes people so unmotivated? How could anyone not want to improve themselves or their situation? I understand that everyone can’t be a scholar. However, education doesn’t only come from books. The fast-paced lives parents live today doesn’t help the situation either. All Parents, but specifically in the Black community, are so overworked and tired that they are missing out on precious time that needs to be spent nurturing their children and those children grow up to repeat this. This has become a vicious cycle that no one seems to have any answers for. I hope we find answers soon because this situation is only getting worse.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DL Brothas

What do you do when your partner male or female is living a double life with the same sex? I was watching this movie called ‘Cover’ which went into the subject of DL brothas. It was a pretty good watch I might say and it had me thinking. I really think it’s disgusting and selfish as hell. More importantly that shit is dangerous when the parties involved aren’t wearing protection. With people not being honest and sneaking around…AIDS will never decrease at this rate! One excuse the parties in the movie made was how the African American community doesn’t accept gays so being secretive is the only option which is somewhat true. I feel though that a lot of these people are embarrassed and would rather think of this behavior as them being straight and like to get “freaky” on the side. A lot of these DL dudes are messed up in the head and I feel they need serious psychological help. All I’m saying is no dude better not come up to be on the low and tell me “you look like you got something in your eye, can I blow it out?” because it’s going to be trouble!

Somali Pirates

So I’m watching TV last Sunday and the big news was this captain who was freed from Somali pirates by the Navy. They were calling the guy a hero since he gave up himself so that the pirates would let his crew go. I’m not saying it wasn’t heroic and all but then I read another story in the Huffington Post where the writer did an interview with Somali rapper K’naan. The interview delved deeper into the story, not just the side the news keeps talking about. No one has ever really talked from a Somali point of view and reasoning. It seems like the media could care less. And why would they? They look at it like it’s just a bunch of Africans going crazy! If what K’naan says in his interview is true about the pollution, economic downfall going on in Somali and the UN and world leaders doing nothing about it then the bigger story is something that really needs to be addressed. Killing a few ‘Pirates’ certainly is not going to change anything and I’m sure it’ll only cause the situation to get worse. Here’s the link to the Huffington Post Article.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Willie Northpole feat. B.O.B- Hood Dreamer

I dig the hook on this. Anybody from the hood with dreams to get out can relate.

Friday, April 3, 2009

SFIV ass bustin'

Finally came in today so i'm finally ready for more SFIV ass whoopin'.