Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy B'day to me

Look what I got yesterday. My favorite Red Velvet cake from Cakeman Raven. Sweet!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chef Royalty?

Today I decided to cook a "lil' somethin' somethin'." Nothing special just some home cooked food instead of all the eating out I do.

So it all starts with the Cajun spices


Alittle dirty rice

Add some shrimp and onion

A fish fillet

And Voila!!! The finished product. Good eats

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Storm Madness

So where do we begin? Okay Friday morning I decided to go directly to the Verizon store close to my job on Montague St. here in Brooklyn to see if I could snag a Blackberry Storm. Like any of the previous models, there was a buzz with this Blackberry especially since this was the first touch model. Although this was the case, I did expect what I was about to walk into. So I went to the store about 8:45 am, the store was supposed to open at 9:00am but as I walked into the store there was like fifty people already lined up and signed in already. I signed in and began to wait like the rest. As more people began to pile into the store I became restless since nobody seemed to be leaving with any phones. I asked the manager what was going on and he said that the system was down. I asked him how many Storms did they have and he replied they has and with 22. Now if my math was correct that means if I'm like number thirty or so I would not be getting a phone even though that was the case he proceeded to keep people there to order a phone to be delivered. I left immediately to go and order my phone at my office from Verizon's website. As the day went on and as I read the various technology blogs it seemed like this shortage was nationwide. Was it that Verizon shipped too little Storms? That seemed true until I read it was due to a software update that Verizon’s engineers could not fix in time for the launch so they had to downgrade the units to the older operating system in the meantime. At first I could not get why the stores were getting like ten units when the demand was so high. After reading why I knew the reason. My order was placed and I was merely waiting to for confirmation. Now I'm reading that if you placed an order before 2:00pm Friday that your Storm will be shipped no later than the November 25 and if the order was placed after 2:00pm that it'll be shipped by December 5th, also any order placed November 22nd or later will be shipped by December 15th. Wow great job Verizon, way to botch a launch. Although I placed my order before 2:00pm I'm still not optimistic that I'll get a storm before December. All of this run around for just a phone. Geez!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Evolution of Denim Part 2 & 3

Finally I get to update you on my denim evolution. It's been awhile but it's finally here. I've worn these things for awhile now non stop through various whether changes and seasons. At times I wondered why do it because they started to get an odor which I'd then have to fabreeze away.

Samurai Jin's (2 soaks 2 washes)

Front View where you can see some whisker action going on

Crotch repair from almost a year of constant wear

Some pocket fading where I keep my wallet

worn threading at pocket

Samurai S710XX (2 soaks 1 wash)

Honey Combs are coming in nice

Back Pocket fading is evident on this model

Left back pocket got a hole and I hope it rips open even more in the future

So at this point I'm looking to update in about six months time that's when I think I'll do another wash. I might also update on another pair I've started to wear a bit as well, the black version of the S710XX the S718bk. This process might seem unusual to some since the denim is being worn for a 6 months plus period without any washes but this is the natural process. I'd rather evolve my raw denim this way than to buy an already distressed pair from the store. This way is more personal so stay locked for future updates.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Architecture: Villa Storingavika

Villa Storingavika is a home done by Saunders Architecture and is located in Norway. This House is just simply beautiful. The lines and the angles are done with such purpose and the spaces are grand and in some cases have a very cozy appeal. Where are my clients who are going to let me be creative with there money like this?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

44th President

History was made on November 4th. Not only was there a new president of the United States of America but also, the president elect is black. That's right he looks like me. As I sat glued to the TV all night waiting for the results to come in, I could not help but think of the history of all of my ancestors who've been through things nobody could imagine and fought for this day to come. This does not erase whatever we've endured throughout history but it sure helps to paint a picture of the direction the country and most likely the world is shifting towards. Now that we have a black president now us who are of African decent have no excuse to make when it comes to fulfilling our potential. We can never go back to saying "well the white man did this or the white man did that." Those excuses will no longer be tolerated.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The time is here

Who’d ever thought that in my lifetime or even this soon that we would see a black man run for president of the United States of America. Before this election I’m sure most of us never even thought this would ever happen. Now the time is upon us and the choices are here for us to vote. On one hand you have John McCain; a so called ‘maverick’ that has ran a smear campaign since day one and who seem to not connect with the real American people at all. On the other hand you have Barack Obama who has captured the American public’s enthusiasm and revived their faith in the ‘system’. They both have proposed total opposite policies so it boils down to whose policy you like the best and who you feel will make the better president. I’m not going to tell you who I think you should vote for but I would say this please get out there and vote and when you do go tell the next man or woman to do the same. I’ve seen lines around the block so it seems like voter turn out around the country is much higher than ever before. Oh and by the way OBAMA ya’ll!!!!!!