Monday, June 30, 2008

Fight of self

I'm realizing from my interactions with women that I'm not the nicest person in the world. I tend to think I'm nice but in reality I'm quite mean. Apart from that I see myself constantly finding cool women who give themselves to me and I just seem to fuck shit up. Case in point this one special person who was really into me and I pretty much messed that all up with my stupidity.
Women, it's not that men don't want to change their ways, we do, it's just that change takes time. I'm changing but I still resort to my old ways sometimes but that doesn't mean I'm not genuine. If I say i'm into you and I want to be with you then I meant it. I'm a man of my word and I never falter on that.
So women just analyze the situations more and don 't be so quick to dismiss

Jersey (finale?)

So this weekend I spent yet another weekend in Jersey. My friend and I did the usual. breakfast, shop a bit and just relaxed. We did the usual, breakfast/brunch is usually at this spot called Jefferson's. The food there is soooo good, brings back memories of my grandmother's cooking. Check out the flicks.



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Siji the Second Coming

My Boy Siji is about to release his second Album titled "Adesiji." Below is a little video he did for the upcoming release. Enjoy.

The Making of 'ADESIJI' from SIJI on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Luis Tolentino world record oillie

Congrats to Luis in breaking this record and to all the boarders who came out to the event.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nas- Be A NIGGER too

I think this is so dope. The video is beautifully done. Can't wait for the album Nas

Working In The Summer

This is probably one of the worst times to be at working especially when you're like me having to work on the ground floor and watching all the beautiful people walk by enjoying the nice weather. I think they're actually laughing at me inside too, shit I would be laughing at myself if I was them. I just remember summer's would be time for travel and fun times not long hours and deadlines. Hopefully I'll still have some kind of find this summer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Roots Picnic Pt.1

Saturday some friends and I took a trip to Illadelph to check out The Roots picnic. The Roots put together a show for their hometown folks with a line up that comprised of Gnarls Barkley, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, The Cool Kids and others. The festival atmosphere was dope and the weather was hot but nice. The crowd was hyped for the performances and at $50 a pop per ticket the lineup was worth way more. The cool kids came out and did their thing, got the crowd going a bit then Sharon Jones and the Dap King got them groovy. Her energy was so high it was amazing that she could dance so much but her voice never faltered once. The Roots didn't headline but they performed throughout the whole show and came on right before Gnarls to do a bunch of their hits. It was a dope set as well. If you've yet to see The Roots live then you're missing one of the best live shows and bands around. You can tell that these dudes have been doing this for years. A lot of the hip hop heads decided to leave after The Roots left the stage, either they didn't know Gnarls was coming on after or they weren't big fans. Gnarls finally took the stage after what seemed to be an eternity (thank you Philly sound techs). They came out wearing slacks and mustard blazers. They just came right out with the songs that we all love from their two hit albums. Ceelo's voice sounded so good live just like on the records. The night ended beautiful and the trip was worth every bit of it. Peep the pics below.....

Don't remember her name but she was full of energy and her performance was good

The Cool Kids
Dap Kings
Black Thought (The Roots)

This guy proposed to his girlfriend during the show(she said yes)

Pt. 2 coming soon

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pastor Kerney

the new phenomenon is here

Creative blockageness

Haha. Why is it that when you're in the field of being creative it's so hard to create at times? I've been in a slump for months and I'm not coming out of it anytime soon. I usually get inspired easily but lately I've been so uninspired it hurts. I need my mojo back. Any suggestions?