Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Evolution of Denim Part 2 & 3

Finally I get to update you on my denim evolution. It's been awhile but it's finally here. I've worn these things for awhile now non stop through various whether changes and seasons. At times I wondered why do it because they started to get an odor which I'd then have to fabreeze away.

Samurai Jin's (2 soaks 2 washes)

Front View where you can see some whisker action going on

Crotch repair from almost a year of constant wear

Some pocket fading where I keep my wallet

worn threading at pocket

Samurai S710XX (2 soaks 1 wash)

Honey Combs are coming in nice

Back Pocket fading is evident on this model

Left back pocket got a hole and I hope it rips open even more in the future

So at this point I'm looking to update in about six months time that's when I think I'll do another wash. I might also update on another pair I've started to wear a bit as well, the black version of the S710XX the S718bk. This process might seem unusual to some since the denim is being worn for a 6 months plus period without any washes but this is the natural process. I'd rather evolve my raw denim this way than to buy an already distressed pair from the store. This way is more personal so stay locked for future updates.

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