Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Somali Pirates

So I’m watching TV last Sunday and the big news was this captain who was freed from Somali pirates by the Navy. They were calling the guy a hero since he gave up himself so that the pirates would let his crew go. I’m not saying it wasn’t heroic and all but then I read another story in the Huffington Post where the writer did an interview with Somali rapper K’naan. The interview delved deeper into the story, not just the side the news keeps talking about. No one has ever really talked from a Somali point of view and reasoning. It seems like the media could care less. And why would they? They look at it like it’s just a bunch of Africans going crazy! If what K’naan says in his interview is true about the pollution, economic downfall going on in Somali and the UN and world leaders doing nothing about it then the bigger story is something that really needs to be addressed. Killing a few ‘Pirates’ certainly is not going to change anything and I’m sure it’ll only cause the situation to get worse. Here’s the link to the Huffington Post Article.

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