Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear my people have issues… From the way we act towards one another and other races to the way we can't seem to speak proper English or hate on other people for speaking properly. It seems that black people as a whole are lacking in key areas that we need to adjust. How did it get to be this way? Our great great grandparents always strived to be as educated as possible, to speak properly and be distinguished. Today, unfortunately, that has gone out the window! What makes people so unmotivated? How could anyone not want to improve themselves or their situation? I understand that everyone can’t be a scholar. However, education doesn’t only come from books. The fast-paced lives parents live today doesn’t help the situation either. All Parents, but specifically in the Black community, are so overworked and tired that they are missing out on precious time that needs to be spent nurturing their children and those children grow up to repeat this. This has become a vicious cycle that no one seems to have any answers for. I hope we find answers soon because this situation is only getting worse.

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