Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DL Brothas

What do you do when your partner male or female is living a double life with the same sex? I was watching this movie called ‘Cover’ which went into the subject of DL brothas. It was a pretty good watch I might say and it had me thinking. I really think it’s disgusting and selfish as hell. More importantly that shit is dangerous when the parties involved aren’t wearing protection. With people not being honest and sneaking around…AIDS will never decrease at this rate! One excuse the parties in the movie made was how the African American community doesn’t accept gays so being secretive is the only option which is somewhat true. I feel though that a lot of these people are embarrassed and would rather think of this behavior as them being straight and like to get “freaky” on the side. A lot of these DL dudes are messed up in the head and I feel they need serious psychological help. All I’m saying is no dude better not come up to be on the low and tell me “you look like you got something in your eye, can I blow it out?” because it’s going to be trouble!

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