Monday, April 7, 2008

Murakami and I

So this weekend my boy and I took a stroll to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the Murakami exhibit. This exhibit was hyped up for a week now plus with all the news floating around about the Kanye performance opening night, this definitely was the place to be this weekend here in New York. The exhibit itself was pretty spectacular to me. Seeing Murakami's work in person is really the way to do it. All these year of just seeing it on my computer screen now coming to live was really worth it. The vibrant color he uses, in his person seem like he re-invents color palettes and comes up with his own. Some pieces we very provocative and i was surprised to even see parents having there kids looking at the "big nipple" girls. The Luis Vitton workers were full in affect trying to sell the over prices bag and the gift shop was selling items like hot cakes. All in all the show was very worth it so if your around and want to see good art please go check it out. More pictures below.

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