Thursday, July 31, 2008

My "Man" Bag

Soooo. I carry a bag around a lot. It keeps all my essentials in it (Sketchbook, magazines, camera, work drawings etc.). I'm not a big fan of a backpack especially in the summer since I'd be sweating like a dog. I think it's pretty convenient for me too. Now a lot of the women I know make fun of me saying I carry a "murse" aka a man purse. Why is it a purse? I bought it from the men's bag section of a store. It clearly says "men's tote" when I purchased it too. Am I gay? Helllll no i'm not. A straight guy having a bag is really not a big deal. My comeback to these women is usually "I make this bag look so manly," which in reality I do. lol. I love my "murse" and that's that. Ladies be free to comment on this too. I wanna hear from you guys.


misha said...

who cares what other people think... you spent your money so dueces for people who think your gay cause you carry a tote.

Anonymous said...

It is a murse but you do make it look masculine!