Thursday, September 25, 2008

Album Review: Busy Signal 'Loaded'

So Dancehall Reggae has been pretty crappy for some years now. In recent years with a slew of new generation artist like Mavado, Vybez Kartel, Demarco, Munga, Busy Signal and others, the Dancehall quality has risen. The singles are top notch with more substance other than shooting and killing. The problem I have had with Dancehall albums in the past is that they have not been albums in their entirety. Rather, they have been more of an assortment of old singles thrown together to make an album. This has been the case until last year when Mavado released Gangsta for Life which was an album that had a concept with a few older singles and more new material than any Dancehall album has had in years. Since then, artists have definitely had to step their game up when it came to an album, which now bring us to the review of Loaded by Busy Signal. This is Busy’s second album but it’s full of new quality material with a wide array of topics. Busy seems to have got the memo on how to create an album and with his unique flow (mix of Dancehall artist and rap flow influence) he paints pictures of life as he sees it.
From the beginning, the album starts off running with ‘People so Evil’ which talks about people, their ways and the dirty things they do in life. The way Busy sings you can feel the words in his voice. His delivery is precise with every word and rhythm coming across as he would only want it to. This song paints a picture for the whole album. The album can be listened to with pleasure from beginning to end. Some tracks that stand out are ‘Jail’, ‘Fast, Fast, Fast, Fast’. ‘Real Jamaican’, ‘These Are the Days’ (my personal favorite), ‘Hustle Hard’, ‘My world’ and ‘Knocking At Your Door” -which is more like a usual Jamaican spoken word song but it’s story telling at its best. The Album rounds off with ‘Murderer’ and ‘Face Life’. Although this album has sixteen tracks it seems pretty short from beginning to end but it leaves you fulfilled. When albums are good, regardless of how many songs, they leave you still end up wanting more. I’d recommend any Dancehall lover to pick this album up but I’m sure you already have it so for the people who casually listen I’d definitely go buy it now that it has the NYshit stamp of approval all over it 4.5/5.

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