Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Mos Def-The Ecstatic

"This is Bedstuy 1982. 9th floor, three tiny rooms one view" (Life In Marvelous Times). Mos is back on his rapping shit. This is not the Black Jack Johnson Mos but rather the earlier Black on Both Sides Mos. Seems like he went in focused and really hungry to work or maybe even prove something to himself and to his fans that he still has it.
First off the beat selection was very well done. The beats immediately take you back to sitting on a stoop in New York in the 90's. There is definably a boom bap feel to the beats on this album and less rock influence unlike his previous album.
When listening to The Ecstatic prepare for a Mos Def who raps and when I say rap I mean rap with the hunger not seen from him in years. The album is a mixture of feel good music with some tracks dealing with some issues affecting today. Some standout tracks are 'Auditorium' featuring the ultimate story teller Slick Rick, 'Quiet Dog,' 'Life In Marvelous Times,' 'No Hay Nada Mas' which translates to 'there is nothing else.' Other notable mentions are 'Pistola' and 'Workers Comp.' The album is a all around solid and easy listening album from Mos. As a fan I'm very pleased with the outcome and I'm sure the rest of the fans will be too.

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