Friday, August 29, 2008

Nas @ Webster Hall

So I got free tickets to see Nas do his thing at Webster Hall on Wednesday. I invited my boy Hunter to tag along with me because that's what I do. The line outside was crazy with people who knew nothing about what was going on but decided to join the line anyway with hopes of getting admittance to the show. Once we got inside the crowd was buzzing with anticipation for the 'nasty one' to surface. It took awhile but once the show started it went for about an hour and a half of Nas no fillers, no guest (except Horse). It was Nas, his mic, the band and the classics he's blessed us with since day one. All the hip hop heads in the house were definately happy after it was over. It was definately worth my "free99" ticket. Sorry to inform you guys but my crappy point and shoot too the worse videos and pictures that night so I snagged a video from my boy to just wet you palates.

Nas 'Sly Fox' Live in NYC from Hunter Walker on Vimeo.

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