Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random thoughts

So I'm here at work and my mind is all over the place. I'm thinking about questions of life and where do you end up ultimately. For instance it's thought that you find a girlfriend, find a career, you guys get married, have kids and have the house with the picket fence. Now to me that doesn't work in this day and age at all. For one, people are just too busy these days for it to work the way it did in the 60's. Both men and women live lives trying to reach goals and be successful and with trying to get to that level it takes a long time and focus which I feel doesn't allow people to give 100% of themselves to a marriage. Also marriages just don't work anymore because our views are so different now. Gone are the days of the woman staying at home cooking and cleaning, the man working all day and coming home with the "bacon." I'm not saying that it can't be done and be success I'm merely saying that it's way harder to do now. I can only speak for myself and how I feel but I'm sure people out there feel the way I do about this. I guess it's how kids are raised today and the values they are instilled in them and until the values that are passed down to the newer generations change I think we'll still be having this conversation years from now.

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